We love our neighbors, our town of Vienna, and helping others.

We built this website with that in mind.  As far as we’re concerned being together with a group, enjoying what you love, whether it is family functions, music festivals, networking, conventions, weddings, or anything or everything in between is the best thing in life.

In fact, we call our lodge’s website the "Vienna Banquet and Party Hall" for a reason.  We call it that because eating and celebrating brings people together to share food, company, memories, and inspirations.

Our hall is a festival for your senses.  It is a place that includes a large open area for your guests to meet with a large bar, a large stage, plenty of parking with your custom decorations.

For more information, please fill out the form below and a banquet hall representative will be in touch with you.  Even if you are not a member, we have a vast amount of information that we will share freely.  Contact us so we can help you with your important event.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!